Resort service


The creation and modernization of resort service is planned for 2019-2020.

The most important factor for a fruitful and effective work of a person is his recovery and rest. In order to work effectively, a person needs to have a good rest.

Unfortunately, there are few good places to rest in the territories of the former USSR and as a rule, vacation in such places is expensive. Only the well-to-do people can afford it. Therefore, many people decide for themselves that vacation abroad will cost them less at the same, and even maybe better conditions, while people get the so-called “All-inclusive” at very reasonable prices.

The project team “Tartaria” wants to fix this situation and create its own resort service, buying and modernizing what our compatriots offer. They offer a low level of service, often very low, and prices are set out in such a way that you will not be free to think about “maybe in Turkey”?

What does the Tartaria team want to do? To begin with, we will buy and modernize recreation facilities on the Black Sea coast and in the mountains of the North Caucasus. We would like to bring the level of service on these sites to such a state that people would like to return, and more than once. Prices will be very democratic. And for the participants of the “Tartaria” project, there will be special conditions, up to 100% discount (free of charge).

Our goal is to make everything around more accessible and qualitative!