Money for GRIF

Conditions of Promotion action

Anyone can join the promotion action “Money for GRIF”

Now everyone can mine with a guaranteed benefit.

The project team “Tartaria” announces the launch of a grandiose promotion action to maintain the GRIF coin network.

During the year from July 16, 2018 till July 15, 2019 (inclusive) we will pay out rubles for each GRIF you have mined. Moreover, all the programs of VIP line participate in this promotion action as well. To learn more details, please, see the description of programs.


To participate in the promotion action you should write a letter to with the subject “Money for GRIF”.
In the letter you should indicate your login in the project (obligatory), payment details for rewards in rubles (QIWI or YandexMoney). Participants who deposit GRIF coins in the VIP line program should fill in the payment details, to send a letter with the desire to participate is not necessary, because this promotion action operates by default for the VIP line program.
From the 15th to the 17th of each month, participants must send the outturn from their WALLET GRIF, to account for and calculate the reward. Outturn instructions are located HERE You need to send reports to, with the subject of the letter “Outturn”
The received values will be converted into $ according to the table, depending on the period (Note, that members of the VIP line program do not need to do this):

16 July till 15 August 2018 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,02$
16 August till 15 September 2018 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,022$
16 September till 15 October 2018 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,024$
16 October till 15 November 2018 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,026$
16 November till 15 December 2018 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,028$
16 December till 15 January 2019 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,03$
16 January till 15 February 2019 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,032$
16 February till 15 March 2019 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,034$
16 March till 15 April 2019 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,036$
16 April till 15 May 2019 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,038$
16 May till 15 June 2019 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,04$
16 June till 15 July 2019 --- 1 GRIF (mined) = 0,042$

Important information:

1. You can change details for payments not more often than once in a month till 14th of the current month. To do this you should write a letter and send it to with subject «Changing payment details», you should indicate your login in the project and desired changes.
2. The payment table is the base, minimum value. Payments for the promotion action “Money for GRIF” will be calculated from the coin value on the exchanges at the beginning of the next period, namely at 00:00 hours Moscow time on the 15th day of each month by averaging the rates on all exchanges. If the GRIF coin rate is lower than the basic values of the table, the payments will be made according to the table.
3. Terms are not discussed and for all are unified without exception (Founders and offline employees can not participate in the promotion action).

The project team “Tartaria” wishes everyone success in the mining and more GRIF-s!