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CASHBACK Service implemented in 2018

 The "Tartaria" project service pays up to 100% of the received funds paid under the loyalty program of partners from your purchases.

There are several levels of Cashback service. There are standard levels that all users can use without exception, they work on the principle of an accumulative system.

The maximum standard level makes it possible to receive up to 67% of the refund for purchases.

There are also special VIP levels, which are available only to the participants of the “Tartaria” project, who deposited the coin "GRIF" in VIP line programs. The level of VIP4 entitles you to 100% of the refund for your purchases received by the Tartaria team according to seller's loyalty system (the Tartaria project team does not receive any income in this case).

The list of partners-participants of the CASHBACK system “Tartaria” will be available on the website:

List of levels and % of refunds for purchases:

Standard – 61%

Silver – 63%

Gold – 65%

Platinum – 67%

VIP1 – 70%

VIP2 – 80%

VIP3 – 90%

VIP4 – 100%


In order to get VIP status, you need to apply for support of the Tartaria project by writing a letter to, with the topic "VIP CashBack"

All the income received from the work of CashBack service will be aimed at achieving the goals and encouraging the project participants.