About the project

About the project “Tartaria”

The project “Tartaria” was founded in 2017.

Official name of the project – Social Population Growth Fund “Tartaria”

The main goal of the project is to allow many of us to get a new meaning of life, to open the door for original opportunities, to give a chance to taste freedom on the way to your happiness.

It is rather difficult to achieve everything at once in present-day world. You have to spend a lot of energy, time, money, and sometimes even health. Many of us live like a hamster in the spinning wheel, everything is repetitive and monotonous. In this regard we decided to create our social project "Tartaria", which seeks to bring more warmth, light and joy to this world.

Our goal

The goal of the project "Tartaria" is to support the social and legal status of the population, develop patriotic education, enhance the intellectual level of citizens, preserve and encourage cultural heritage, develop modern high-tech areas and research directions, including:


Protection of constitutional and civil rights of the population.


Support of small and medium-sized businesses.


Revival of man's spiritual, moral and ethical values.


Development of modern, creative and innovative projects in various fields and at different levels that will meet the interests, needs and tastes of the population, for the purpose of developing a more effective and successful community.


Work in the field of education, science, culture, art, sports, education and spiritual growth of the individual.


Granting for development of perspective directions in the field of: digital technologies, Internet communications, construction, medicine, education, ecology, machine building, robotics technology, nanoindustry, agriculture and other spheres of production.


Home renovation and construction of public housing and socially important facilities.

Creating new vacancies

Job placement assistance, creating new vacancies. Support for initiative and creativity of citizens.


Assistance in development of the sport lifestyle of the population.

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More details

project development

We have lofty agenda.

More details

How did it all begin?

Decision to unite

We can say that our team has united by itself. We all have known each other for a long time and so we have a trusting and strong relationship. The founder of the “Tartaria” project, Ayrat Gruber, touched upon a rather serious problem of the modern world which did not leave indifferent his teammates. In this regard, in May 2017 we decided to unite our fields of activity into one large organization.

Creation of SPGF “Tartaria”

The General Meeting, May 21, 2018, it was decided to register a foundation. The Foundation for Social Growth of the Population "Tartaria" was officially registered, which was recorded in the state register of the Russian Federation on July 4, 2018.

Assistance to the needy

At the end of 2017, Airat Gruber, together with the heads of companies TOYGO, held a charity marathon. Large families were donated 30 sets of doll houses with a total value at the time of the marathon, more than 250 thousand rubles.

In honor of the New Year 2017-2018, Airat Gruber made gifts to children from large families. 50 gift sets and 50 tickets to the dolphinarium were donated. Help in collecting and distributing the gifts was also provided by the head of TOYGO Daniel Gerasin.

Social project "Tartaria"

The activities of our project are aimed at ensuring that you have an opportunity to realize your goals easier and faster. We want to enable you to realize their dreams in life, get new benefits!

We worked for 1 year and reached:







Our Team

Leaders of the social project "Tartaria"